Men’s Rights in Bringing Life into the World?

Should a man have a say in whether a woman has a child or not?

If a man tells a woman he doesn’t want to be in their child’s life and she decides not to have an abortion or give it up for adoption, should he have to pay child support?

How much should knowing that your babydaddy probably won’t be around impact your decision to have an abortion or keep it?

After he cursed me out and threatened to kick my ass, he told me he wanted nothing to do with it; if I had it, he wouldn’t be there for it. Knowing how fucked up my life has been growing up without a father; knowing how much my mom was already struggling to take care of us; knowing that I was already compromising my future, I decided to make the HARDEST decision of my life. After a couple of weeks of canceling appoints, I drove myself to the clinic (my babydaddy was supposed to come with me but some shit came up.. smh). I cried in the lobby; I cried in the pre-op; I cried during the operation; I cried in the post-op; and I cried for a year afterward… For quite sometime I regretted it and I hated my baby daddy and was angry at my mother. But I can honestly say that, if I would have decided to have that child, I would not have been at Stanford (literally); I would not have started a mentoring program for young girls; I would not be traveling along this particular road of success. I paid for my success in blood, literally. I have no other option but to succeed or else that life would have been in vain.


With that said, I don’t promote having an abortion or not having one; what I do promote, however, is every woman making that decision for herself. Regardless of what you choose, you will forever be altered. Period.


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