What was Ms. Keri Baby Thinking?

It’s quite sad to see Keri do something like this. I don’t watch many music videos these days, but this seems to be one of the raunchiest ones that I’ve seen by a female artist in quite some time. She really played herself in this video. She is a beautiful woman who could have “sold sex” in a more sophisticated manner. And honestly, she’s too damn old to be doing things like this. Not old in the sense of not looking good (she looks damn good); rather, old in the sense that she should have more sense than to be doing something like this.

I understand that the song is raunchy in and of itself, and quite honestly she shouldn’t have done the song either. The song wasn’t quality and the lyrics I’m just smh at. “I got the kinda pussy that keep you outta the streets” (or something like that). SMH.. pussy don’t keep no nigga nowhere. She knows that the majority of her listeners are adolescent girls and she should be more cognizant of that fact when she makes videos and songs like this.




  1. Wow! Just watched the video and I am disappointed. I just saw Ms Keri on Monique the other night and she was lovely. This video does seem to be her departure into mainstream “sell your soul” music. The saddest thing to me is that it totally undoes any progress or good work she was doing with empowering women…or at least slows that roll way up…alas, we all working our process and Ms Keri’s no different. Hopefully this is a learning opportunity for her…who knows, by the lack of sexual translation on the screen, it seems she may not have had her whole heart in it herself…on some level she knew…or perhaps even had no choice about this…if so, that’s another growth lesson. Either way, it sucks.

  2. Haven’t seen the video or heard the song. I can only imagine. I thought she was the classy type!

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