Does Race Still Impact Opportunities in 2010

Although I don’t believe that it’s impossible to get ahead as a Black person today, I do believe that we face extra hurdles and barriers that we must overcome. I think it’s unhealthy for us to claim that we’re operating on a level playing field because we’re not. I’m not telling people to not try, I’m just wanting people to understand that people are trying but lack many of the vital resources that others have access to.


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  1. You’re right on point V. But you said everything I would have said or responded, lol, except this… People (imigrants) come to this country, America to be slaves. Point blank! There is no land of the free and home of the brave. It’s the land of the oportunist and the home of the slave. I wonder where their self worth is? How could someone sell their bodies and souls to the devil and work for practically nothing, just to see another race DIE. And people have the nerve to say that we are lazy and dont want to work. After all WE did to build this country. What scumbags. I’m always telling people, “You put me in the fields and I will work the work of 10 illegal imigrants.” And they have the nerve to laugh in our face like something’s funny while not knowing that the same thing that happened to us is going to happen to them.
    When the wars started many Arabs flushed into America for REFUGE. Safety! When sugar hits the fan they all end up with stores, jobs and businesses in Black communities, because they are not wanted elsewhere. These imigrants of today will fall like we did, because they are not really wanted or welcome here, except as CHEAP LABOR. On top of that, they have no respect for Gods’ children here where WE LIVE. Nobody wants to pay us! Look how much Black basketball and football players are worth. America has gotten soooo cheap, that, they cant aford us anymore. So they look for cheap labor, ask any starting imigrant baseball player why he was hired by the baseball team and he barely speaks English, and Ahmed who’s been throwing rocks all his life at Israeli soldiers was’nt. Who Can throw a better pitch? Who’s going to respect someone who sells themselves so, so cheap to watch us DIE? They will. For a dollar smh. And by the way, there are even Blacks who will help to destroy US Black people for a dollar; and keep only the black leaders they want and destroy the true leaders of the world. smh sots. I find you very interesting.

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