Poems from a Black Girl Who has Considered Suicide BUT Recognized that God Was and IS More than Enuf..

Hey Young World!

In light of “For Colored Girls..,” I’d thought I’d share a couple of poems with you all. I know that much could be said about the role of men inflicting much pain and turmoil on women, but these poems offer a slightly different take. Please note that “Niggas Ain’t Shit” was written the summer after the 6th grade (I just came from spending the summer with my father lmao) and “Eve’s Daughters” was also written over a year or so ago.

I invite you all to use this a forum to engage in a dialogue about your views on the film..

“Initiate the Dialogue”

Niggas aint shit by Victoria Shantrell

Eve’s Daughters by Victoria Shantrell



  1. My views on “For Colored Girls..”

    I think that there’s something wrong with this movie for the plain simple fact that I and many other women walked out of that movie without dropping a tear. We said a lot of “damns” and “that’s deep” but something is wrong with the production/writing/directing when such intensely emotional experiences leave women (including those who have experienced some of those situations) dry-eyed.

    I’m not saying that it was horrible, but I am not going to say that it was good.


  2. I meant Precious and Black Dynamite!

  3. Just keep those poems coming, you leave’n ’em speachless, like that song. Have’nt seen the movie yet but plan to; before these dirty theatres removes it from the big screen just to show some bs vampire flick. Did you know that they put out 8 vampire movies in ’09 including twilight? And all we had was Notorious and Precious? smh sots(sick of this s**t) I like Tyler Perrys’ movies better when Madia aint in it lol. I feel you and Perry on this topic though. However, I grew up with 5 big sisters, so I never had a chance to develope a profound need to disrespect a woman, but I’ve seen it all. Besides, my mom would definately have killed me. Oh, your poems sound good with music to them.

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