Black Man with a Felony: Lil’ Wayne Released from Prison

Crips and Bloods: Made in America
This is an interesting documentary that really puts things into context


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  1. V, I am a 7th. son, raised with six older brothers. We grew up from the ghetto slum to the projects. Five of my brothers were felons, my oldest brother stayed in school. You name it, they did it; I learned from their mistakes and have never served time for a crime. Although, I am aware of the free nooses given out to Black Men to hang themselves, I like my neck the way it is-without the rope marks. That being said, I can only hope that Black Men pay heed to my words when i teach them, and not go down the wrong roads in life. I wonder how many young Black Men are going to follow Lil’ Waynes’ example, and possibly end up in his old jail cell, rather than would follow me through school and 20 yrs. service in the U.S. Army? It’s a damn shame how they loaded the dice, stacked the deck, framed and set the Black Man up for failure–and we fall for the same bullshit all the time. Its time for change. smh

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