Response to those who are displeased with my spamming of the comunidad list

Thank you for coming to my site in a much more civilized manner than the previous person who was not very fond of my “spam” (I like to consider it giving others the opportunity to get involved in the dialogue, but you can take it any way you please).

I do not send out messages to the comunidad list everyday; not even every other day. And I generally do not even send out more than one message a day in regards to this to your list. I do that because I do not want to overwhelm you; out of courtesy.

A few months ago I did speak on my opinions about why Blacks are not OBLIGATED to be up in arms about the Immigration Reform, not the Arizona Incident specifically, and I maintain that standpoint. I still don’t believe that we are any more obligated than any other group to fight help immigration reform. I did, however, say that Blacks should most definitely be upset and assist in the Arizona Incident because we know racial profiling oh too well. But honestly, my feelings about this should be a moot point, not even up for suggestion because it was simply an opinion about a particular subject. I did not go to the list saying “I hate all F*cking Mexicans and everyone who speaks Spanish.” If I did something along those lines, then I would understand “Then, considering the way you feel/think abou that, do you believe that comunidad should listen to things you are fighting/striving for?” But because I have a difference in opinion you about a particular situation, now I can’t be heard or share at all? That’s ridiculous and perhaps your level of open-mindedness should be examined a lil.

I have said on many occasions, I welcome dialogue and those with differences of opinion. But it seems like perhaps I am the only one who does so. You may not be trying to silence me, but you are not trying to hear me because I don’t believe or think like you. We will not get anywhere in society with that type of mentality.

I am trying to get my name out there and I am trying to be recognize. But more than anything, I’m trying to start dialogue and guess what, it’s happening. I don’t mind sending out the videos or emails that I send out because I do not believe that I am sending out things that are not dignified. “A good name is to be chosen rather silver and gold.” I believe that wholeheartedly. But at the same time I know that some folks will not like me and will have ill-thoughts about simply because I do not think like them or present myself in a light that is pleasing to them. Yet, I go to sleep at night well, knowing that my God is continuing blessing me with the strength to continue to allow Him to order my footsteps and the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to know that some folks just won’t ever see you in a positive light. Hell, they persecuted and thought ill of Jesus and He was the most holiest and pure person to roam this earth, so why wouldn’t some not like me and see me in a negative light when I’m a flawed human being trying to get my life together?

I appreciate your advice and it is good. However, I believe that in many ways I am doing that already. My blog, my show, and everything else you see me advertising is another way that I am getting involved and contributing to my community in a positive way. But that’s just my opinion. If you have not read the “About” section on my site, it’s printed below:

In order to address the ills of our society, we must first begin by initiating a dialogue. Technological advances has increased our modes of communication, but in many ways has lessen our depth of understanding of one another.  Many conflicts come into existence because of a lack of COMMUNICATION on the tough issues that facebook statuses and tweets cannot address. This site has taken on the call to create a forum to discuss a variety of issues dealing with everything from politics to business, relationships to religion, and Gucci Mane to The Foreign Exchange. I now urge you to take on the call to enlighten the world and our understanding of our fellow brethren by initiating, engaging in, and learning from “The Dialogue.” We all have so much to contribute to our society..

Furthermore, look out for exclusive conversations with a diverse group of some of the most extraordinary people on this earth, including world-renown Stanford professors and some of the most creative and talented performance arts visionaries.</em>

Thank you very much for your time and initiating the dialogue; you contributed greatly to the dialogue simply by stating your views and the rationale behind such. Thank you for adding a lil more understanding to our world (I’m being very sincere).

For the rest of you.. I encourage you to maintain the dialogue.


Original Message Reprinted Below:


I hate to agree to a certain degree to the person who sent you that message about spamming the comunidad list. That person was rude in the way that he/she chose to make his/her feelings known to you. However, I feel that you’re response wasn’t exactly valid. It is difficult to “ignore” you when I see you spam emails to the comunidad list with such high frequency.

A few months ago, you spoke about how you didn’t understand why African Americans should support Mexicans during the Arizona incidents, even if they do share similar struggles. You did not see the validity of that thought. Then, considering the way you feel/think abou that, do you believe that comunidad should listen to things you are fighting/striving for? It works both ways.

My intention is not to silence you. I will continue ignoring the majority of your spams, because after all, they are spams which usually just go straight into my junk folder. However, I believe that you are simply trying to get your name out there to have more people recognize you, whether it be in a positive light or negative light. You are aiming to have an audience, no matter what people think of you.

Some advice, which you can accept or simply ignore (with are both perfectly fine with me): I think it would be best for people to know you simply from your positive actions. Continue getting involve with your community and let people spread the word of how good of a person you are. Let them speak for themselves, as opposed to you speaking about yourself. I’m sure that more people’s views toward you will become more favorable.

Choosing not to enhance dialogue (because it is worthless is any party or both parties are stubborn)…


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  1. Throughout your travels in life you will discover, that, people who don’t speak English have a hell of a time understanding it as well. Its like talking to a damn brick wall. smh

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