What do Yall Men Folk Want from Us?

Trying to understand the dating game in 2010



  1. I started to answer this question then i thought..damn i dont know! lol I guess I want a woman to be her. Be truthful is the main thing. If your a woman and you expect EVERYTHING from a man (which is usually the case if yall can get it) than just act like you really are so the man does not have to be surprised at anything that comes from her. If you know a woman is a money hungry one, then when she starts showing her money hungry ways then its not really much to complain about when you accept her (just an example). Be upfront about yourself is basically what I want to say, even though i may not have made it 100% clear.

  2. the short answer to your question is that we need a woman who is supportive, loyal, and nurturing, take care of ya man, and I dont mean only sex, I mean really take care of him, when a good man sees a woman who is appreciative and who shows that appreciation, he knows he has something special, far too many women devalue and diminish the man in their lives

    • Can you explain take care of your man a little more? How might one show that she’s appreciative?

      • there is no set definition for “take care” but what I meant is that often times what ever situation a man creates for a woman,she often times comes to take it for granted, unsolicited appreciation is a way of showing your man that you value all that he does, dont always think that the privilege is ours far too many think that way, understand that you are as fortunate to have me as I you, if you truly feel that way “taking care” will be easy

  3. Tell YO website that I said we’re all squirrels tryna get a nut. Yall know damn well that yall ladies are too grown to be acting like you thought we was bringing you home for pillow talk…sheeeeeit

    Lol jk….but not really
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