What’s Wrong with this Wayward World?: Karen Owen’s “Sex Thesis”

Hey Young World!

I’m here to say something that may seem uncharacteristic as a generation Y’er, but in my opinion, sex is more than simply a physical activity. Allowing someone into you whether it be physically, emotionally, or otherwise is a significant act and we need to recognize such.. Watch me discuss this and so much more below.



  1. Like it or not sex has corrupted woman and mankind from day dot . If some people can make money off it they will , There’s a saying that prostitution is the oldest profession . What a lot of women don’t understand is if a man is horny and the woman he is courting or dating doesn’t oblige his urges HE WILL START TO RESENT HER especially if he’s taking time to listen to her and buy her things AND HE WILL GO ELSE WHERE TO GET IT because testosterone is a GANGSTA of a hormone to surpress . Does that make me a bad person ? not in my opinion it’s just how me and a lot of other men’s Labido’s work , so yes we do as men in general pressure women to give it up earlier than may want to and in turn that does change the psychological make up of a lot of women sometimes to the detriment of both species BUT I HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT’S HOW ITS SUPPOSE TO BE . Because life is beautiful but it actually takes ugliness to help build that beauty

    • See I don’t believe in that. I was just talking to a homeboy and a cousin the other day, and mind you these are some real niggas, not no little corny ass sucka dudes, and they both talked about how them having to actively pursue the females who are dear to them made the difference. My cousin really said this was the first girl who he had to wait months for do cute shit for etc and that’s what set her apart. I think he we women heard more stories like this that would help reinforce what we already know deep down is right: we not supposed to give up the coochie for the hell of it; make his ass chase it, just remember to show that you’re interested and appreciative in the process. That’ “it’s supposed to be” stuff is exactly what mean want us to think so that we act in a way that is conducive to them getting exactly what they want when they want it: pussy right now. Period.

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