Expectations 2010

Female #1: If you tryna get with me you gotta pay for my hair, nails, take me out every week, at least spend $60 per dinner, gotta have your own place, a car, a truck, a motorcycle, gotta take me on shopping sprees, and drop a few Gs on a new bag every month..

Female #2: Damn girl, this nigga text me every other night and bought me a meal from Subway… I think he really into me..

SMH at both scenarios! Although I’m obviously dramatizing the situation, that’s pretty much the situation: Don’t nobody know what to expect…



  1. I’m saying I wake up to not let ANYTHING f me up. Try it, and at the end of the day… you good money.

  2. I’m not trying to end this convo, but, I wake up everyday saying……”I aint gone get f**ked up today”. lol that’s some fly s**t right. Nah mean.

    • I don’t understand. DO u mean, u wake up everyday saying u not gon’ let some woman fuck u over? I’m not exactly sure what “fucked up” is referring to.

      Thank you and Delirious44 for engaging with me! I hope you two inspire others to join in the dialogue!


  3. Woah I just skimmed through you two’s dialogue , If relationships are as complex and strenuous as what I read from you both , Your best is not to sweat it concentrate on education career goals and finance . If someone is worth your time and commitment hopefully your instincts will kick in and you’ll seize your chance

  4. I suggest we just do it! Like you said, he or she might not be stupid, but may be afraid that if they try to get their head together it might bust. People are not stupid, they do stupid things, but they’re not stupid. They can get their minds and s**t together if they just…(how can I say this?)…TRY. Hell, they try everything else-drugs, crime, sex, hate, etc. So how come they can’t try to get themselves together? SMH

    • Easier said than done. I think we’re getting to a point where some really don’t know what “together” looks like. Also, if it’s only one person who is “together” they’ll probably be the one who is assed out because a) if it’s the woman who is together, the men who aren’t together are just going to continue to pass her up and b) if it’s the man who is together, the women who ain’t together are going to leave the brotha so scorn that he’s going to end up fucked up too! lol.. It has to be a concerted effort to resocialize people and I think that takes more than just “trying.”

  5. News Flash!! Men and Women are F’d up boo!
    How we’re gonna fix them back up again?, I’m working on it. A little word of advice, don’t expect too much from nigus, even a billionaire one. Because if his head’s not on tight, it’s gone fall off. And this s**t is vise-versa nah mean. Me personally, I don’t care what a shorty has, if her head’s not on straight…I’ma keep it moving.

    • We sure are all fucked up! I agree 100%. So what are we to go with the flow though? Be complacent? Say shit’s fucked up might as well deal with it?

      To me, that’s akin to saying, “the boy is stupid, we might as well lower our standards and just accept the remedial work he turns in.” But the thing is, maybe he’s not stupid! Maybe the issues is we have too low of standards for him and not pushing him to reach his potential! People have a tendency to try to meet expectations but generally feel ok if they only get a 85% out of 100%. So when you already have low expectations, they are only going to hit a fraction of that expectation. But if you have higher expectations, then they’ll get a fraction of those higher expectations.

      The way I see it, I’m going to have high expectations for a man. But I’m also going to be aware of the fact that he’s just a man and he’ll probably fall short. But I much rather a nigga give me 85% of 100 than 85% of 60..

      I’m with you we do gotta get our minds right though. What might u suggest to get it together?

  6. SOME men have forgotten who and what they are. Man no longer knows who he is. SMH. Women are not helping him a damn bit by making him think or believe that he is just a cash cow, a ATM machine, a blank check, etc. etc. He’s a fn Man for Gods’ sake, not a sucker. Damn I’m glad I don’t have that problem.

    • Yall not cash cows, but you are providers! You are not atm machines, but you are pursuers! Somewhere down the line, yall forgot that a man ain’t supposed to just have shit fall into his lap, he supposed to actually work for what he wants.

  7. Both Female 1 and 2 sound very shallow. What about the man?

  8. It could be argued that technology has forced people to educate themselves more than we did in the hood in the past there for you don’t just accept your old past it on the scrap heap YOU THINK YOUNGER , like not just settle and take menial jobs . I know I read MUCH more than niggaz in my dad’s day’s . Women in the past where denied things like the vote and had to be subordinate back in the day but now they’re empowered and educated not to take that so a lot of niggaz don’t know how to approach them because its easier for a man to deal with a woman who isn’t so dependant,Where in a transitional period in dating Where both women and men have accept and look for the situations where compromise is needed

  9. Men and women stay younger these days because relationships are so unstable , so where as my dad accepted he was old IN HIS TWENTIES and planned to settle in a marriage that made him and mom’s miserable ‘ I’m still hitting the gym looking fly . My dad wore a suit everyday AND HE WAS A BUILDER . It’s a different time I still rhyme and make beats all the rappers I work and hang with are in there twenties I read a lot and remain creative SO I NATURALLY ATTRACT YOUNGER WOMEN . I don’t judge women who want men to spend the Earth as long as they don’t judge me for trying to get some tail . Tell me what you think of this 37 year old man’s new joint

    • People aren’t “staying younger” because relationships are unstable; it’s quite the contrary: People are “staying younger” and that’s part of the reasons why relationships are unstable. The economy plus an overall shift in social norms and beliefs has created what some have dubbed as “prolong adolescence.” A lack of self-sufficiency is a major contributor to prolong adolescence and is also a general contributor to unstable relationships. Another reason why relationships are unstable is because the “social” incentives of being married or in a relationship are disappearing. Once upon a time, niggas at to spend crazy loot and time, meet your mother, father, brothers, etc before getting the p*ssy. Now, all niggas do is drive to your place, honk their horn, we hop in the car (he don’t even get out to open the door) and we going back to your crib and fucking or some variation of that. Females not giving the dude any reasons to put in work. And even if there are a few females who do, it’s 100 other girls, who gon’ hear the horn, hop in the car, and get down with the get down for next to nothing so niggas run to that. There are some cases where dudes do actually put in the work tho.. So that leaves the question:

      What makes a man want to put in the work? Is it the female? Is it him? Is it the way the stars align?

  10. Victoria I’m going to piss you off LOL so get ready . Most men between 17 and 37 don’t care about fancy restaurants they’re just trying to impress the woman . Most men just want to cut on the first date so they’d be happy enough eating a 2 piece at Popeye’s . Most women in this age demographic want to out do their friends E.G He took me to restaurant and I ate drank the most expensive stuff on the menu he drove a SUV and what not . Dating has become a gender battle a lot of women feel they’ve got a catch cos dude is spending a lot of loot on the date . And a lot of men believe they should be entitled to cut cos he’s spent money that no one told him to spent . 2 peice A biscuit and a drink please LOL

    • @Delirious, you aint piss me off lol. I think u actually offered a valid perspective which I do agree with for the most part.

      I do, however, think that the age range is a lil drastic though. Yall still thinking like that at 37? Damn! I had a rule, “No dating men born after 1982,” but maybe I need to make it ’73 lmao. I’m just playing with the rule, but it has somewhat really been like that (1982 and older).

      Thanks for leaving youtube and coming thru to my world!

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