What’s YOUR Definition of Success?

I just wanna, I just wanna be successful… Are you sure?… What does success mean to you?



  1. Success? I’ve heard many women say that they like to date successful men. Everyone knows what they mean by successful. They’re talking about money. If a person finishes high school and works at _____ (insert 9-5 job) until retirement, is he/she not successful? Or does this person need to own their own home in order to fit the middle class status quo? As for myself, i have some goals, some financial, some academic, some artistic, and so on. I would like to live a life without the worry of anything money related. I think we are all in the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and success is a combination of financial health and mental health. I’d choose mental and physical health, over financial health, but nothing in this world is free. Ultimately, success for me is peace of mind. I just wanna be at peace and in harmony with the earth. Peace

  2. Hello,
    I enjoyed your”What a real women wants” segment. Its not surprising at all the young women have the proclivity to want a dude with the superficalistic (not a word)items. This could primarily be there own sense of insecurity and selfworth (or is it?) The brutha that is working hard and making an honest living will cherish his wealth and be more caring with who he shares it with (a real women). Furthermore, the media has a sense of controling our communities while aiding people and validating superficial things. A real man does hold a women down. After all, who is to blame for this omnipotent issue that is a daily conversational debate? If u look for that dude thats willing to give it…I gotcha…but I drive an Acura and own my home….not driving a Benz and living with my momz. Holla back!!!!!

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