Where Hip-Hop Meets Couture– Etan Fraser


Where Hip-Hop Meets Couture– Theodore Palmer

Where Hip-Hop Meets Couture– Marcel Nelson

Tatted to the T: A Conversation on Tats and this Generation

“Yeah Wiz Khalifa is cute with his tatts but that’s because he got money. If you broke, tatted to the T and can’t get no job, you will not be attractive!”

“Have the choice to make a sociopolitical statement or play the game; have the choice to show em or cover em up..”

The Official Victoria Shantrell C/O ’14 Welcome!

Just keeping it all the way 100 with yall. Take heed to what I say; I promise I’m not here to steer you wrong.

Quick Advice:

  1. Dudes, don’t smash the first girl yall see.. You don’t know her friend and her friend just might be finer than her…
  2. Girls, don’t end up dealing with a gay dude because you’re desperate…
  3. Black folk: meet some non-Black folk
  4. Go to CAPS and get your mind right…
  5. Chlamydia does live in the Stanford bubble.. (so be safe and be smart)

What’s YOUR Definition of Success?

I just wanna, I just wanna be successful… Are you sure?… What does success mean to you?

What a REAL Woman Wants…


It’s time that we grow up and move away from our superficial evaluation of men. Stop dealing with the dudes with the new whips, who stay fitted to the T, and got money in the bank but not doing nothing for your though! Get a real man, one that’s going to hold you down as best as he can even if he don’t have much. Like my mama always say: I rather have a man that would give me the world if he could than a man who won’t and can

(Dedicated to my big brother Vondre.. No words can describe the love, admiration, and respect I have for that man)

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