The Price of Freedom?

The price of freedom is the knowledge of the fact that we are not free at all; it’s the knowledge of the fact that we who buy into the concept of our present day definition of freedom are the most selfish, self-interested,… ignorant, hypocritical, and oppressive beings known to man. Needless to say, we’re not paying for freedom because to acknowledge those things will bankrupt us…King was against violence. Period. He was against the international terrorism that we were doing overseas as well as the domestic terrorism that was in fact taking place on our very own soil.

Black on Black violence will be solved when we figure out how to stop human on human violence and we do have some empirical evidence to support the idea that violence and other social ills will be lessened by increasing equality in our societies. So how to decrease Black on Black violence? Answer: stop putting large number of poor Black folk in high density, low resources, unattended to neighborhoods; eliminate the economic disparities in our country and give real opportunities for a satisfying livelihood where one can support his/her family. Black on Black violence isn’t a issue of race; it’s an issue of social conditions.

Granted violence did “free” us poor negroes from the chattel slavery; but let us not forget: it was violence that made America white man’s land (we slaughtered all the natives); it was violence that brought Africans to the Americas (the middle passage); it was violence that kept us in chains for 300 year (slave drivers, whips, RAPE, etc). And it was also violence that kept Black folk from getting ahead once slavery was legally abolished (KKK, angry white folks, militias, etc); and it’s violence today that remind us that we are not equals even today in 2010 (Katrina, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, the police, and countless other events). So with that said violence might have eradicated the legal chains of violence, but non-violence has done more substantive work to eradicate the conditions that keep us from actualizing our full citizenship.

Love u!
Your favorite niece,

The message above was written in response to the message below:

Question niece! Who is it that keeps others from fighting on our own soil? What is the price of freedom? King was against violence but he also never that to keep the peace you must have protection to keep the dogs of violence at bay! The o…ther question is how do we stop Black on Black violence yet it is never discussed? Does it not restrict our freedoms when you can’t even take a child out to play for fear of getting killed even worst the child? So we get rid of all who are willing to sacrifice themselves so that you can make the comments you do and live the life you want in relative peace! Less we forget, it was violence that gave us our freedom, and even though the Civil War was not fought to free the slaves it did produce the Emancipation Proclamation which granted blacks freedom!


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