Words to My Young Sisters: A Message for Ms. Kat Stacks

I am not here to cast stones or judgment; I am the first one to admit imperfection and flaws. All I’m here to do is offer up my life story and hope that you (whoever is reading this and about to watch the clips) take something positive away from it. I’m not attacking Kat Stacks; on the contrary, I’m just saying she and other young ladies who are using their bodies as a way to notoriety–whether sleeping with athletes and entertainers, regular dudes around the way, or your boss– may want to reexamine this life because at some point the fame is going to calm down and you’re still going to have to live with yourself.

I encourage all those displeased by the situation to do something about it: Become a mentor! It’s a generation of girls who need you. Be there to offer guidance and support and help prevent them from traveling down this long hard road…

(Click here to read the article)

If a Stanford student and interested in mentoring with my organization, F.O.U.N.D.: Finding Our Undeterred Nubian Daughters, please email me at nubian.daughters.com.

If you like what you hear or feel that you know some young girls who could benefit from hearing this type of message, please click here to listen to selected poems from “Diary of an Ex-Nympho: An Autobiography Written in Verses” by Victoria Shantrell Asbury.



  1. I believe Black women have an incredibly hard time of expressing sexuality in a natural and healthy way in the media — especially hip hop. There is a book from a woman who worked for the source called Straight From the Source. It offers a look into women and hip hop and how we play the fence. Kat Stacks has a predecessor Karrine Steffans whose story is tragic yet people treat it as if her main goal was to destroy marriages. I believe these women just have issues that weren’t sorted out which turned them into promiscuous vixens. However, as much as it’s an individual problem it’s a societal problem because we give them our money and our attention all the while denying most of them the help and support to change their lifestyles.

  2. well at least someone cares out there. you’d think this young lady would know better by now esp. since she has a son but she’ not thinking about him, she’s thinking of herself. i’ve been abused along with my brothers (physically as well as mentally and spiritually) but i didn’t adopt a destructive lifestyle behind it. she’s partly to blame but her mother and uncles should share some of that blame as well. i just don’t get why people STILL give her ass all the attention she craves.

    • People handle abuse in a variety of ways; some become stronger and others become defeated. From the looks of things, she wasn’t working with much of nothing so she learned how to adapt in a destructive world which in essences made her self-destructive.. it’s a vicious cycle..

      I feel like I may need to make a post regarding people still giving her this attention. Because as much as she and her family are to blame for this behavior, society is at fault for giving her incentives to continue in such behavior.


      Thanks for stopping by and saying wassup!

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