All the Way Trill: A Discussion on “Stayin’ Hood”

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Go read the exchange that take place on with me and IPROFESSOR on an editorial entitled, “The Decline Of The Conscious MC: Can It Be Stopped?” by Mr. Cedric Muhammad.

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Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:


…So You have to stop thinking these are the streets civil rights warriors came from and loved. In Atlanta we had Auburn Avenue which was basically the first black wall street. The same one that birthed the civil rights movements of Mlk and the SCLC AND sncc THE SAME ONE THAT kING AND CORRETTA ARE BURIED ON, AND DOES NOT I REPEAT DOES NOT in any shape or form now embody anything that we held dear to us as a people.

So I say f**k THE STREETS!!!!!!!! MY PEOPLE COME FROM PRIDE AND COMPASSION, NOT ANY FUCKING DIRTY VIOLENT STREETS. The poorest share cropper did not come from any bulls**t ass streets…

Ms_Anomalous Said:

…“The streets” are our communities. “The streets” are present in the most downtrodden of areas and in the nice suburbs. Just because these communities and their members don’t promote certain ideologies, doesn’t mean they still aren’t OUR streets; our people. Back in slavery time, there was a large group of Black folk that didn’t promote Black self-sufficiency. Were those still not our people? Back in the 50s and 60s there were people who didn’t promote direct confrontation of the oppressive system that was (and still is) keeping millions of Black folk oppressed. Were those not our people? Today we have people who NORMALIZE drugs, violence, ignorance. Are those not our people?… Read More…


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