Is Gay the New Black?

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“It is clear that it is far more advantageous to be black than gay in modern-day American society.. The truth of the matter is: no one, unless they long for battle, would ever choose to be gay.” (Williams)

Is gay the new black? By Edward Wyckoff Williams

What’s your opinion on the matter? Initiate the Dialogue…

(All yall who saw that type-o “Is Black the New Gay?” and ain’t say nothing, yall should be ashamed of yourself! In the future, let me know when something like that happens! Thanks!)



  1. man this is a dumb issue that should never have been questioned or brought out. are latinos the new black? of course they are, just look at what’s happening in arizona! are arabs/middle easterners/muslims the new black? most definitely, esp. after 9/11. are gays the new black? HELL TO THE NAW! where in the history books have gays been discriminated against to the point that they’ve been enslaved, been brutalized, profiled by the police or shown in a bad light by the media for hundreds of years? nowhere. just because they can’t get married doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. so fuckin’ what. like that joke by chris rock “gays can’t join the military and can’t get married–who has it better than that?” why are they complaining? gays and lesbians have been around since the dawn of civilization and has been accepted for that long, this isn’t something new that happened 50 years ago. what does bother me is how hollywood and the fashion industry is parading the homosexual lifestyle as something acceptable and influencing our children to think it’s ok to question your sexuality. no it’s not. if a child or teenager feels that way then it’s fine, but it has to be NATURAL. when they’re being bombarded by songs and images by the media 24/7 THEN it becomes a problem to me because they’re being influenced and brainwashed into believing this. that’s something i have a major problem with. when you have this sort of thing happening a atmosphere of confusion and denial and hatred and anger follows. parents and mentors are needed more than ever to help children because none of the powers that be or the media cares, all they want to do is make a quick buck and use the children to do so.

  2. Hmmm.

    This question always makes me a bit uncomfortable. Not because of how I feel about it, but because I think it often puts people against one another rather than joining people together to fight for human rights for all people. (I won’t even begin to talk about all the other things going on within the LGBTQ community that need to be addressed, along with the issue of marriage. So many other things yet marriage gets all the attention…)

    I think the struggles are similar in that both groups have been/are being denied of rights that they feel they should have. But I think the stakes are a bit different. Sure, marriage provides all sorts of rights that are wonderful to have, but if gay marriage isn’t legalized at this very moment, we can still get on with our lives. I think it should be legal everywhere and I think it will be soon. But to say that gay is the new black is just odd to me. I mean, gays are legally required to stay out of “straights only” areas or drink from “gays only” water fountains. The struggles are both important and valid, just a little different.

    Besides, there are other issues within the LGBTQ community that worry me more. Things like transgender awareness/rights, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, racism within the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) community, harrasment of people based on gender presentation, representation of LGBTQ people in the media (or lack thereof.) I feel that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is just silly and it is depriving the military of talented, intelligent service people. And I think everyone would benefit from a little education about Transgender people and the diversity of gender and gender presentation.

    Okay, I am rambling too much. What do others think?

    And Kudos on the website, Victoria!

  3. absolutely disagree. like whoever said that statement is myopic and misinformed.

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