Mileage vs. Accident Report?: Questions About Sexual Past

What are the appropriate questions to ask your significant other about his or her sexual past? .. Let the discussion begin…



  1. Great work on the post! I do not care too much about your mileage and ‘accidents’ as you call it…as long as the current offer is good for me… You meet people with no mileage and accidents and still come with extra baggage in other forms… so yea it’s one of many things.
    Not discounting a partner’s mileage or accidents… as this in itselt might be indicative of the person’s character/personality traits… But yea…I’m done writing… Twitter killed my writing abilities… > 140 is problematic for me!

  2. Funny thing is most people don’t ask any questions. I personally, don’t believe in asking numbers or about the past history. I want to know if you have any STDs or the HIV, that’s key for me to know.

    Here’s my thing, I believe in the honor code, and if you get caught… that’s it. Then we have to go and get to the bottom of everything. If you disclose the information, then I don’t need to know details, but if you lie about it, now we’re going to have to see all the evidence and testimony.

    • Ok I feel that. Lying is bad. But I don’t think a woman is going to lie about the facts unless you put her in a position to bring it up… well, I take that back.. I can definitely see how a woman who’s trying to play a role might sell you some dreams lol.

      I ask about testing history and offer to show my results as well. I think in 2010 to not ask questions about sexual health is damn-near suicide. We can’t act like we don’t live in a world where one slip up can eventual kill you.. not to mention if you’re Black and having sex with other Black people..

      Ask questions. If there is one dialogue that you and your partner should have, it should be about testing.. “Initiate THAT Dialogue.”


  3. All you got to be on the look out for are, Accidents and vandalism, there are “cars” with more than 200,000 miles never been in an accident no rust and great interiors…you gotta watch out for those “salvaged” titles , ya dig!!! And let’s face it, are you looking for a joy ride or a family van,that’s an important factor to take into consideration. I’d love A used drop 5.0 candied on deuces,but I know it has a higher propensity kill me or break down, I should just save my money and get that tahoe off the lot.

    • @K. Keppard said:
      “I’d love A used drop 5.0 candied on deuces,but I know it has a higher propensity kill me or break down, I should just save my money and get that tahoe off the lot.”

      Damn, that’s so real!.. Make one start wondering what kinda car she is.. I’d like to say I’m more like a Denali lol. Definitely able to take care of a family and can be found in the suburbs, but wouldn’t mind taking in the ‘hood or to the club either. lol

  4. Victoria Shantrell’s opinion on the matter:

    1. When was the last time you were tes.ed
    2. If you had some unpleasant surprises, did you get it taken care of
    3. Have you had unprotected sex since the last time u was tested
    4. Do you have any STIs or STDs
    5. Have u messed with my brother, cousin, daddy, uncle, sister, or best friend
    Questions about how many or the general “anybody I know” need not be asked.

    Do you agree? Disagree? Initiate the Dialogue!

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